Happy Canada Day Folks!

Today is Canada day! Yay!!! Incase you didn’t know I am Canadian Eh!  Funnily enough I’m not there right now but all my buddies Joe, Jean-Claude, Mary and Michelle from Canada will celebrate for me. So just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous day in honour of my beautiful, diverse, and awesomely lovely country. If you’re lucky enough to visit my fair land here are a few key shoes to invest in :-P;


Snow Shoes – There is a lot of snow in the great white north, to ease the walk back to your igloo these will help you disperse your weight.



Skis – When you’re taking a look ’round the Rockies you’ll need a good pair of Skis to get back to your log cabin home. Having strong and sharp ski poles will help fight off Polar bears as you glide by.



Hockey Skates – Most importantly, while visiting Canada a bout of hockey could break out at any moment!  Make sure you’re prepared with some sturdy skates.

Last but not least, we Canadians love a great party with lots of beer, peameal bacon and maple syrup eh! So get an awesome pair of heels at ALDO, my favourite Canadian shoe brand! http://www.aldoshoes.com

Happy Canada Day luvies!


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