My Miistas

No, I don’t have multiple boys on the go. What kind of girl do you take me for? I have, however, been having a love affair with Miista since moving across the pond. Chunky, retro but modern, well crafted and quality materials all go into these shooz. They’re bold, unusual but simple all at the same time. I love ’em!

Miista is an East London based company headed by Spanish born designer Laura Villasenin. I think what I love most is the shape, they have an odd quality that makes them stand out. And just the right amount of unexpected detail. Their website includes an online shop, blog and fan photo page (

One excerpt I loved on their About page ” Miista is… Curious – always looking…The Miista style… Elegance – for headstrong women…”

When purchasing online you’re able to even get a discount when you Tweet about it. Yes, brilliant marketing but I’m not complaining. My first pair were some Gabi wedges in black for X-mas and more recently some Dolores woven T-straps. Here is a little nibble of some of their latest items.

Miista Shop


I find these shooz very comfortable and quite sturdy, making them reasonable for walking. In fact just yesterday I did a whole tour of Central London in my Deloros’ and was happy to wear them out again that evening. The construction is excellent, leather so soft; keeping my foot in place comfortably and not restricted. I did get a blister on my big toe but I suspect its from my daring strut along cobble stones 😛

Me in my Miista Dolores’


Miista – Dolores


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