Childhood Jellies

I’ve been seeing a lot of rubber shoes lately, not just as rain boots but sandals and heels too. This reminded me of my lovely days as a primary schooler and one of the biggest shoe trends I recall: JELLIES!  They’re making a comeback, although in a more updated way.  Not sure if I will partake this time ’round but I do have fond memories if sitting with my 6th grade girl crew comparing our Jelly Sandals. I had transparent sparkles with a heel (yes even then I loved heels), Nettie had transparent pink, Tara had pink with sparkles and Kelly had yellow.  If I could find ones exactly like the ones I had I may just have to snap them up.

Comparing Our Jelly Sandals


One thought on “Childhood Jellies

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jellies!! I almost wish I kept my 5th grade pair. Probably would’ve still fit my tiny feet now. LOL. Great post though and thanks for reading!! xo, Kate

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