Prints From Foreign

I’ve noticed an increase of shoes with African and Aztec type ethnic prints lately. It first became blatantly obvious last year when my fave Canadian shoe brand Aldo did two pairs of funky wedges.  They completely stood apart from the rest of their collection and thus caught my eye.Image

I must say it is a trend I’m falling head over heels for.  I love loud, unique colourful shoes that shout out individuality and these definitely fall into that category.  I for one believe in showcasing one fabulous piece at a time.  If I wear a funky WOWZA pair of shoes I’ll dress down my outfit in solids or even plain black and vice versa. I especially love when the unexpected are paired together. Not many people have African print items in their closet so its new and fresh to see it in shoes paired with your fave skater dress. Here are a few of my absolute faves as of late.

And for those of you who want that extra edge, that will catch everyone’s eye these awesome Delilah booties from Senso go the distance.  Going with the ethnic theme they amp it up to a whole other level with this hot angular cut out heel below.

Click the pic to shop Solestruck.

You can find these at the following websites for the moment:

Mona Mia Inspiracion






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