Shoes I Love to Hate, a Throwback to Yesterday

Please be warned, this is just my opinion…if you love the shoes I hate or hate the shoes I love thats A-okay by me.  Please don’t be offended, I’m totally down for sporting your own style/individuality/preference. These following shoes are just ones I’d prefer not to be caught dead in.

<Crocs!!!  These are old and I rarely see people other than toddlers wear them anymore (Thank God).  Regardless, I still hate them and you’ll never catch me in a pair.  I know I know “they’re so comfortable” I don’t care!

I suppose the thing that drove me most crazy about this fad was people wore them as if they were REAL shoes. Gardening, corner shop, ’round the house sure. Down town, on the bus, dinner date NO!  I was utterly appalled when I encountered a woman at a funeral in a pair once.  Who insults the dead like that?

<Uggs!!! Short for UGLY, I never really understood these boots.  Like Crocs, they’re comfy and cozy but also hideously unflattering.  Who wants to have the foot of a Yeti or Michelin Man?  Not me sistah!  Mostly I just really don’t think they’re cute, I have something similar I wear as indoor slippers.  I really don’t get why people became so obsessed either.  People like Joey Essex for instance :-P.  Although I do like other shoes/boots by this brand the classic Ugg-ly boot I detest!

<Air Force Ones!!! Maybe these remind me of the 90’s when everyone seemed obsessed with athletic brands, foreign child labour and wore their pants like they had had a dump in them.  I recall people wearing them two sizes to big and them flopping around like flip flops or the wretched sound of the sole scuffing against the floor. I thinks its mainly the shape, the massive thick platform of a sole and the overall volume of the shoe I’m not fond of. The oversized stitching says cheap to me. I don’t mind the high top but velcro…ewww. I much prefer Nike Dunks, they are more slender and just look less sloppy.

<Platform Foam Flip Flops!!! Especially in white.  I love love love platforms, they’re easier to wear and walk in, they make you feel on top of the world (literally) and they help out the shorties.  But flip flops? Goodness no!  I see platform flat shoes coming in again so it is merely a mater of time now.  These are the cheapyest summer shoes around, especially in white. Once they’ve been worn a few times they become filthy and ’round the house worthy only. But that doesn’t stop people. Once you’ve worked ’em in there is a dirty footprint when you take them off, can you imagine seeing them on you’r welcome rug. Yuk! No they do not look cute with a summer dress, they’re foam and absorb bacteria so you can’t even wash it away. Garbage!

Thanks for letting me vent, if you have any shoes you love to hate be sure to leave me comments.



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